Eldercare 101: A Review of 3 Common Long Term Care Options

Aging comes with a host of life changes that can affect a senior’s ability to take care of themselves, and caring for a senior or medically-fragile adult is a huge challenge for families. Kingsley Adult Day Care is certainly one elderly day care option for families and caregivers who need help during the day. With so many options available for senior care in and around New Orleans, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right one. Let’s review the common options of nursing homes, home health care and adult day care to discover which is best for you and your loved one. Call us at 504-523-6224 to schedule a tour of Kingsley Adult Day Care.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes offer an intensive form of care and treatment around the clock. Nursing homes are typically reserved for elderly individuals who are not able to take care of themselves in a significant way, which affects their day to day life. A nursing home is a good option for people who need regular help with moving around, help with their hygiene, specialty care, eating and performing other aspects of day to day life.

Not all nursing homes are the same, and they can be extremely costly. If a senior does not need or want to be in a nursing home, there are other alternatives.

Home Health

Home health care provides a way for seniors to live in their homes while receiving help with cleaning, chores and general care and treatment. Some seniors need a little extra help and prefer to stay in the home they've lived in for so many years. Home health also offers a senior the freedom to maintain preferred schedules, the familiarity of their surroundings and being with friends and family.

The costs associated with home health depend on the level of care a senior or medically-fragile adult requires, but home health care is usually charged by the hour. A possible downside to having home care specialists is that family members don't always like to have a stranger in their home. While home care specialists provide a greater range of freedom for a senior, it's not always the case for the rest of the family.

Senior and Elderly Adult Day Care

It can surprise people to hear that there is even such a thing as adult day care for the elderly, but it's not what you might expect. Think of a fun recreational area where seniors can connect with friends and compassionate caregivers while enjoying laughter, exercise, hobbies and more. That's what we offer at Kingsley Adult Day Care in New Orleans.

Kingsley Adult Day Care utilizes a dual social and medical model of care to engage senior participants and improve their health status. We have a diverse group who come from all across New Orleans to spend the day with us at our beautiful facility Uptown. Caregivers and participants are able to choose how they want to spend their day. Some participants prefer to make jewelry, play video games or do yoga. Others enjoy attending lectures, performances, browse the Internet or engage in outdoor activities; Kingsley Adult Day Care has something for every senior.

We offer medical services, programming, a community room, technology room, meditation room, sun room and an outdoor patio to suit the wants and needs of all of our participants. We have both certified nurse assistants and registered nurses to assist with wellness checks, answer questions, monitor vitals, keep track of medications and other needs.

At the end of the day, you want what's best for you and your loved ones. You may not be ready for home health care or a nursing facility. You and your loved one have options. Kingsley Adult Day Care in New Orleans encourages the elderly and medically fragile adults to engage in a wide range of activities while maintaining overall well-being. At Kingsley Adult Day Care, your loved one’s continued health, happiness, and independence is our mission. We look forward to seeing you soon! Call us at 504-523-6224 to schedule a tour.