Kingsley Adult Day Care Reduces Social Isolation in the Elderly

Human beings across all life stages are highly social creatures, and no one at any age should have to lead a life of loneliness. At Kingsley Adult Day Care in New Orleans, we are sensitive to the fact that social isolation is detrimental to both the health and life longevity of seniors and medically fragile adults. Some studies estimate that chronic isolation as a risk factor for mortality is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes per day!

As aging or chronic illness progresses, the elderly and seniors are more likely to become detached from their friends and families. Though not typically intentional, isolation can be the result of having to live alone, the lack of mobility due to declining health, deceased spouses or children, or their loved ones may have just stopped reaching out. 

The Harmful Effects of Senior Isolation 
Social isolation among the elderly is a bigger issue than it may appear, and it goes far beyond loneliness. Age doesn't stop the fact that humans are social beings. When seniors lack companionship and social activity, their mortality rate increases, they become more susceptible to developing dementia or cognitive decline, they are more likely to experience high blood pressure or other chronic illnesses, and they often experience bouts of anxiety and depression. 

Seniors in Adult Day Care are Less Socially Isolated  
Kingsley Adult Day Care offers half-day and full-day care for the elderly and medically fragile. Our programming is designed to ensure that all of our participants receive the personal attention and socialization that humans crave and deserve. Kingsley Adult Day Care offers interactive games, arts and crafts, music, and even community trips. Our community room is the home of many educational events, performances, and general conversation to allow our seniors to mingle and build relationships with each other. We make sure that there are activities that everyone would be interested in participating in, and a helpful hand from the Kingsley clinical and social services staff is always available.

We care deeply about the health and well-being of our seniors. The stellar team at Kingsley Adult Day Care is passionate about developing long-lasting friendships and improving the overall quality of life for our participants and their families. You can help us fight social isolation in the elderly population by referring a senior or medically-fragile adult to our program. Please contact us today by clicking here or calling us at 504-523-6224.