Affordable Care Options for Aging on a Budget

When it comes to finding care for our senior, disabled, or medically-fragile loved ones, it can feel like our choices are limited. While there are many options available for care, they’re often beyond our budgets. Thankfully, there are also affordable solutions available to care for your family member as he or she ages in place. 

Aging Affordably

We all age differently. While older people are more likely to develop chronic health conditions, this doesn't mean that a nursing home is the best option for them. Keep reading for the most affordable care solutions for your aging loved ones: 

1. Informal Caregivers
As our loved ones age, they will need varying levels of assistance. Individuals that don't need professional care around-the-clock would benefit more from informal caregivers. In this scenario, friends and relatives can act as caregivers informally. 

These caregivers can provide assistance by going grocery shopping, prepping meals, providing transportation to places like Kingsley Adult Day Care, and helping with any other errands. These caregivers are often spouses, children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, and close friends. Whoever it is that acts as the caregiver should ensure that their loved one is receiving their medication on a regular basis. These friends and family members should educate themselves on the medicine and best practices for care. 

2. Paid Caregivers
People that need more assistance than what informal caregivers can provide will benefit from paid caregivers. These personal care aides can visit a few days a week, everyday, and some may provide live-in care. These professional aides can provide assistance with tasks like dressing, using the bathroom, and bathing. 

In other cases, some families might consider certified nursing assistants that are trained to provide care like changing dressings, helping with walking aides, and providing medication. Personal care aides average around and certified nursing assistants charge around $19 an hour anywhere from $18-32 dollars per hour of care. 

3. Adult Day Care
Adult day care is another practical option when considering care for aging family members. At facilities like Kingsley Adult Day Care, the needs of aging adults are taken care of during the day. Instead of staying at home all day, these adults can enjoy an assortment of dining options, social activities, and medical care. 

Though the cost of adult day care varies depending on where you live, the national average cost for a day is around $70, making it the most affordable long-term care solution available. At Kingsley Adult Day Care, there are many pricing options to choose from. Whether you are able to pay through the Louisiana Medicaid Adult Day Health Care Waiver, Veterans Administration benefits, the Community Choices Waiver, or private pay, we have a plan to suit your needs. 

There are affordable care options available for your aging loved ones. Be sure to contact Kingsley Adult Day Care if you have any questions regarding our options for care.

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