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A Recipe for Health & Happiness

Eighty-two-year-old Barbara Allen has been a participant in Kingsley's Adult Day Care program for close to 15 years, when her previous senior center was washed away in Katrina.  Ask her why she arrives every day at 8:30 and stays until the afternoon, and she will quickly tell you, "The companionship. It's a wonderful place to be and it keeps me from being home alone.”

Kingsley also helps Barbara keep active, she says. "We make jewelry and do exercise and chair yoga. We have some Wii games that I like to play, especially bowling!" After her workouts, Barbara keeps up her energy with "the food is very good here. We get breakfast, lunch and a snack!"

— Barbara Allen


There is a Doctor in the House!

The learning never stops for Dr. Lucy Reed who earned her PhD from the Kenner Regional Theology Seminary as an 80-year-old participant while coming to Kingsley's Adult Day Care Program.

Dr. Reed's career path started at Kingsley House. She began here as a young adult, then worked her way up and earned her Master's degree in social work.

When her beloved husband of 47 years passed away, she turned to Kingsley as a place where she can take full advantage of one of the center's nicest amenities--the quiet rooms. “I love to read and I love to write. I prepare for my Sunday School classes and Bible study here in these rooms. I lay my books out on the table and study.”

— Dr. Lucy Reed

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My Kingsley Family

“They are my second family. The nurses, supervisors, and interns are like my children. They always come and check on me, making sure I’m well-taken care of and enjoying my day.

This program has brought the best out of me, it really has…having this sense of community and a support system has truly changed my life. If I’m not here in the morning, people worry about where I am. That’s family. My Kingsley family. They are good people, and we enjoy each other every day.“

Jerry Brown

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A Reason to Get Up in the Morning

“Kingsley's Adult Day Care staff treated my dad like their own family. His health was monitored daily by their nursing team, a nutritionist and chef provided healthy meals and snacks, and he participated in daily activities and field trips. Staff even let him help them and assigned him certain tasks to make him feel useful and engaged as a team member. For a man who worked and felt needed his entire life, this was a crucial component to his success at Kingsley. Kingsley gave my dad a reason to get up every morning and gave me the peace of mind to continue my job and provide for my family. We were so thankful the day we found Kingsley.”

Marques Celestine, Jr.